Patent Drawings

I prepare formal patent drawings and trade mark artwork.

Qualified, with nearly 20 years as a professional illustrator and the experience of working with some of the most exacting patent attorneys in Britain, (I spent 4 years creating patent drawings in the in-house illustration department of the biggest Glasgow patent firm – definitely a very valuable experience!).

Most of the time, I work in direct collaboration with patent attorneys but if you are an inventor, I can also help you present your invention by creating high quality patent drawings, from sketches, photographs or even the real thing!

You can see some examples of my patent drawings on this site here or on my portfolio at

I have known Andy for many years and would happily recommend him. He is quick, accurate and his patent drawings are competitively priced. He has an excellent understanding of the requirements for patent drawings. Many of my drawings relate to complex mechanical structures, and Andy always produces good drawings from the original illustrations.
Rob Orr – Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP